Sunday, 10 August 2014

Scented Body Lotions

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I've never been one who's too lazy to apply moisturiser when they come out of the shower. In fact, I'm the total opposite it and I love it! It's fun to apply a lotion that smells amazing so you can keep smelling it as the day goes on.
I thought I'd show you the scented lotions that are currently in my collection.

Victoria's Secret Love Spell
Cherry Blossom and Peach make this gorgeous scent! I was at a friends recently applying this and she ran into the room saying 'what is that smell, it's unbelievable'. It's powerful but not enough to be overbearing and it lasts! I also have the matching body spray which helps it last even longer. The lotion itself is also very hydrating and smooth to apply.

Bath and Body Works, Velvet Sugar & Sea Island Cotton
I haven't got as much use out the these lotions yet as they are recent purchases from when I was in New York. However both scents are amazing. The lotions contain Shea and Vitamin E which makes them really moisturising on the skin. The size of them is also perfect for travelling.

The Body Shop Blueberry Body Butter
Now, I know this isn't a lotion but these body butters need an honourable mention for the scented category. The blueberry is limited edition (sad face, it's amazing) but all the other scents are equally as amazing. I love the coconut range, even though I actually hate the taste of coconut.

What are your favourite scented body lotions?
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