Sunday, 27 July 2014

New York Haul: Random

Hi Guys,

This is the final instalment to my New York hauls and it's all the random pieces I bought...a lot of food.

Bath and Body Works

It was 5 Hand Sanitizers for $5 and I did get 5, but I gave my sisters one each.
I ended up Pomegranate Peony, Vanilla Berry Sorbet and Peach Pecan Cupcake and they all smell delicious. However, I do think Peach Pecan Cupcake is my favourite.

I did originally want to get one big Bath & Body Works candle but I wasn't sure if I'd have the weight in my case (turns out I did :( but oh well) so instead I got 3 minis for $12.
The scent I was most excited to smell was Mahogany Teakwood as everyone raves about how much it smells like Abercrombie, and let me tell smells SO good, which is why I ended up picking up 2! I also picked up Sundrenched Vineyard which is gorgeous.

It says on the jar that this smells of mahogany, cedarwood and oak - highlighted by delicate lavender and geranium notes.

This says it smells of rich fruit, white wine grapes and French oak.

The Mets
As everyone walked into the Mets stadium, it was free cereal bowl day so as you can guess we all got a free bowl!

To match everyone else in their gear, my friend and I also picked up stuff from the gift shop. I ended up with this t-shirt which I wore through the game. I'd also definitely wear it around at home as it looks like something you could pick up from New Look trying to be a sports top.

You can't go to America and not come back with junk food!

I picked the Twizzlers up from the Hershey's store in Times Square and it was only $3.80 for this massive bag!!
On the way back to the hotel we went to get a cereal bar to keep us going until dinner. I picked the Kind Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate bar and fell in love with it. I brought 3 home but have already eaten 2. When I go to California in August, I'm definitely buying more to bring back.

I saw these on my last morning and couldn't leave without them. As you can see from the packaging they are already opened, but what you can't see is that there's only 3 left! They smell absolutely incredible and taste just as good as they smell.

On the 4th July we picked up dinner to take and eat at the fireworks and I picked a bag of these crisps as I couldn't decide what I wanted so went for a selection.
In writing these crisps seem like the strangest combination all together, but let me tell you this is the best bag of crisps I've ever eaten, so I had to bring some back with me. 
I'll once again be stocking up in California.

I hope you liked all my New York Diary and Haul posts.
Would you like to see me do the same for my trip to California?

Thanks for reading

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