Wednesday, 23 July 2014

New York Haul: Fashion & Accessories

Hi Guys,

Welcome to part 2 of my New York Hauls and this one, as you can tell from the title is all my clothing/accessory purchases.

One thing I forgot to mention in my beauty haul was that I am in no way bragging by my purchases. This holiday was booked in September and I didn't go until July which meant I had 10 months to save up as well as all the money from my 21st birthday. 
I saved a lot in order to completely spoil myself whilst I was away.

Anyway back to the goodies:

Forever 21
I was very refined in Forever 21 considering the size of the Times Square store. I had picked up lots of things to try on from the first two floors not realising the store kept going down!! It was absolutely massive, I was in there for almost 2 hours!

Flower Cami
I love the zipped detailing on this skirt
Cute studs for everyday wear
A knotted infinity bangle
Necessary Clothing
I had heard of this shop in Soho through youtubers such as Beautybaby44 and BeyondBeautyStar so I made a mental note to pay a visit. Once again, the shop was enormous and once again, I was very refined as it wasn't as cheap as I thought it was going to be.

I loved the detailing on the Hamsa
A plain chiffon tee to be paired with accessories
Brandy Melville
I was expected more from this shop to be honest, but I don't know whether it was the store in general or that it was so busy and the queue was so long it took the fun out of shopping there.

I live in tops like this through days at uni
Infinity Midi Ring
Old Navy
We walked past Old Navy in Soho and there was massive signs for 4th of July Weekend deals so we had a look in.
Again, this is another jumper for lounging around in through uni. 
I made a visit to the Times Square store to see if they had Bethany Mota's clothing line to see what it was like (they didn't) but I ended up making purchases anyway as they had some great deals on

I love this style of crop tops with high waisted skirts.
I realised as I was writing this post that I also got a pair of jean jeggings from this shop as they were on sale for $30 instead of $50 but I forgot to photograph them.

American Eagle Outfitters
This top was on offer for $15 from $25
I wanted a pair of very relaxed black shorts and these were once again on a great offer (which I can't remember sorry!)

Everyone in Times Sqaure was walking around with bags from this shop so I went to have a look. The fashion wasn't really my thing but these bangles were buy one get one free. I got a black and gold one.

This was where I knew I was going to make my biggest purchase of the holiday.
For my 21st, my sisters bought me a $50 Macy's voucher as one of them had been in New York a few weeks before my birthday.
I then put aside the birthday money from my Grandparents in order to finally treat myself to a Michael Kors watch.
Of course, as I was a tourist I also got a 10% discount so after the conversion rate I got this watch half price!

It's the Michael Kors Mini Bradshaw watch in Tortoise Shell and Rose Gold. I couldn't be any more in love with it if I tried!

My next big purchase was dependant on if I had money left over on the last day and I did!
I treated myself to a black Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac.
Once again, you get tourist discount at Bloomingdales so I saved 10%.

I hope you liked everything I bought, I love it!!
My final New York haul will be coming on Monday so stay tuned.

Thanks for reading

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