Tuesday, 15 July 2014

New York City: Day 7 & 8 - Natural History Museum, Broadway & Cupcakes

Hi Guys,

I've merged the last day and last morning together as I only had a few hours on the last morning so there wasn't enough for a whole post.

Day 7
To start day 7, we headed to the Natural History Museum for a good old gander.

Most of the museum is stuffed animals, which in a weird way I kinda like...
Of course, the most exciting bit was the dinosaurs as you feel like you're in Night at the Museum.

Dress: Glamorous (off ASOS)
We then headed back to Times Square for an Ice Cream treat.
We went to Cold Stone and I had (I think this is what it was called) the birthday batter surprise - delicious!

More shopping then occurred before heading back to the hotel for showers and outfit changes ready for what I'd been waiting for all week!!

We went to dinner at Ellen's Stardust Diner, which is where all the waiters and waitresses sing. It was super cheesy but being musical obsessed, I loved it.

Then it was time for me to fulfil my dream and see a Broadway show.
We went to see Jersey Boys which was absolutely sensational. If you get the chance to see it in London or I know it's currently on tour round the UK, GO!!!

Playsuit: H&M
Sandals: TU by Sainsburys

Then it was back to the hotel for packing :(

Day 8
I had this morning by myself as my friend met her parents in New York to carry on around America on a family holiday.

I headed over to Bloomingdales for another sneaky planned purchase.

I went over to Dylan's Candy Bar just to have a look around and I thought this message was super cute.

I then went back to Times Square to have my final lunch.
I went to Chipotle and got a take out and then somehow ended up in another cupcake shop to buy the cutest cupcakes I've ever seen!!
I sat on one of the tables in the middle of Times Square and soaked in the atmosphere. It was amazing.

Big Burrito much?! 

L-R: Chocolate Chip Pancake, Red Velvet, Cookie Dough

Then I headed back to JFK to end my absolutely amazing week.
I hope if you're going to New York soon or planning a trip, my diary has helped you out with thinking about what you want to do.

I'll forever have the New York blues as Manhattan well and truly stole my heart.
I'll be back soon.

Thanks for reading,
Get ready for the hauls!!

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