Tuesday, 6 May 2014

To Groom or Not to Groom?

Hi Guys,

A slightly different post coming your way today rather than the normal beauty posts. I was recently contacted by Man Crates, who as their name suggests ship gifts for guys in custom wooden crates which sounds pretty cool.
They are running a 'Manscaping' campaign - a campaign to let men know what females think of different grooming looks so I thought I'd let all the men (and ladies) know my opinion on the subject.

I think most girls have a celebrity crush who will fit under a particular category in the celebrity world. I for one am all about Zac Efron, who looks wise would fit under a 'clean cut' category. I've loved him ever since I was 13 and High School Musical appeared on our screens. My parents say at 21 I'm too old to have his 2007 Rolling Stone magazine cover poster still on my door however, I completely disagree!

He's definitely getting better with age - hello current Zac Efron in Bad Neighbours!

Strangely though, if someone would ask me my grooming opinions, Zac Efron's clean cut look would not be top of my list. 
A Ryan Gosling look (typical girl choices I know) is definitely more up my street.

I like facial hair where there is some for a start, but it's also looked after rather than letting it have a mind of its own. I think well groomed hair shows you've made an effort but not too much of an effort.

Obviously male grooming comes down to much more than the lower face.
I have a thing about finger and toe nails. They 100% need to be looked after! I'm not talking crazy male manicures but neatly trimmed nails is a must. Feet are gross no matter what but putting in effort can make them more bearable. I've seen some male feet during summer months that literally made me gag. 

Chest hair can leave females divided. I have friends who can't stand it whereas I personally don't mind it (within reason - no gorillas please).
I am a fan of (the name I've just discovered) the 'happy trial', the strip of hair going down from the belly button.

This kind of chest hair is probably my ideal.

I know recently, a lot of men have started bearing what I call 'the proper beard'. 

Sorry Jake, you're great and all but I think you can either pull this look off or you can't.
I personally am not a major fan of the beard having seen it on my facebook feed on people who it doesn't look great on.

At the end of the day, male grooming preferences is up to the male!
A friend/girlfriend/wife can have their opinions but if the male isn't comfortable a look is never going to look good.

Men, how much do you value a female opinion?
Ladies, what do you prefer in male grooming?

Thanks for reading, 

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