Sunday, 11 May 2014

Monday Morning Wishlist #4

Hi Guys,

Back with another Monday morning wishlist today. I've put myself on a spending ban until July (mainly beauty but clothes too) as I'm not getting enough use of items I've got and I may get spendy in New York in July so to buy guilt free I need to use up what I've got first! I'm not being as strict with clothes but I went shopping on Saturday with a friend and bought nothing when I could have bought everything, pat on the back Liora. 
I swear when you don't allow yourself to buy anything, everything you see you want!
Here's a few things I've been lusting after recently.

The New Look giraffe bikini is super cute. I'm loving all the animal print that's around recently and what easier way to where it than on a bikini!

I recently watched the Fleur De Force/Essie Button/Amelia Liana Dallas vlogs and on one of the days Amelia was wearing a very simple black playsuit and now I want one! All my playsuits are summery and patterned but I want a simple black one for everyday wear this summer and this topshop is perfect! I actually think I might really buy this this space.

All the cigarette trousers everyone's wearing are so pretty and I almost bought a pair last summer but I didn't which I regretting as soon as I got home. When I went back to buy them they weren't there anymore or online *sad face*. This pair look very similar so are tempting me once again!

Alongside animal print, I'm loving the watermelon/pineapple prints that have popped up. Last summer I actually bought a neon pink bikini with pineapples all over and I still love it. These shorts from ASOS seem like a perfect pair for comfy summer days - they could come in handy when (if we ever book the flights) go to Thailand in September!

What have you been wishing for recently?
Thanks for reading

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  1. Loving and wanting every single item on this wish list.

    Meg | Meghan Silva's Blog