Sunday, 18 May 2014

Bomb Cosmetics Candles

Hi Guys,

Back in December I went to the Clothes Show in Birmingham and bought two candles from the Bomb Cosmetics stand. I've only ended up blogging about them now as I finally worked my way through my other candles to start burning these.

They were on offer at the time due to buying them at the clothes show but I can't remember if it was 2 for £7 or 2 for £10, either way it was a good deal!

I picked up Autumn Fruit Fairy and Sea of Tranquility.

Sea of Tranquility - Mermaid's Delight
When I first smelt this I described it to my friend who I was with as 'a bath in a candle'. When I smell this, I can picture myself in the bath completely relaxed with this burning. It just smells of relaxation!
It says that this candle contains refreshing marjoran oils and rosemary pure essential oils which is where it must get its bathtime smell from.

Autumn Fruit Fairy - Pixie Twinkle
This candle is the strangest thing, it's ingredients (ripe plum, aniseed, warm ginger, cinnamon and woody aspects) and it's name just describe autumn. However, to me this is a summer fragrance. I mentioned this in my recent non beauty favourites that it reminds me of my favourite sweet stall in Tel Aviv market in Israel. It's a scent that reminds me of summer holidays and being by the beach which I guess is really strange to have from a autumn fragrance. I really really love this candle and when it's burning it makes me so happy to be in my room!

Both candles burn really well and last for a long time!

Have you tried Bomb Cosmetic candles before?
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