Saturday, 12 April 2014

Packing Tips

Hi Guys,

I’m super excited to say that my next few posts will all be travel related because on Sunday I’m off on a family holiday for two weeks. Two weeks booked off work to not have to think about anything except relaxing (but feel sorry for my sister, her hand luggage contains revision stuff for her GCSE’s)!

This first post is all about my travel packing tips. I do think I’m quite good at packing; I never pack too much or never pack too light. When I go on holiday with friends, they end up having a suitcase of clothes they don’t get round to wearing but I always wear most of clothes.

Choosing what to wear
I always start with making a packing list (maybe this is where my organisation starts to get too much). It lists everything in categories and how many I need of each thing. I'll write down specifics for my toiletries but for clothes etc the list will just say, for example, Tops (8). This is then where the fun starts and I go through all my wardrobe and start trying on various outfit combinations and end up with items for each category that could go with numerous other things in my suitcase – mix and match is where it’s at.

Even though I do make my own packing list, I do like to refer to ones other blogger’s have created. Like this one  from Emily at Cupcakes and Cashmere and this beauty product one with a video to go with it from Anna at Vivianna Does Makeup.
I’ve also recently stumbled across this website and although it doesn’t help me with this trip, I can see it being handy for future trips. They have packing lists for places all over the world, and if a sneaky trip to Thailand in September that’s currently in discussion with the girls happens then I’m coming here first!
Pinterest is also a great tool to use (especially these pins) as I have no shame in saying I’m absolutely obsessed with Pinterest!

Packing the clothes
This is the first holiday I’m going on with a suitcase that’s actually mine and not a family one, as I got a new suitcase in December.

I really like how there’s the zip component in the middle to split the suitcase into two, to make it more organised. I’m planning on packing my underwear in the zip component to keep it all separate and then split my clothes and shoes across the case.
I always roll my clothes to a: fit more in (if needs be) and b: help reduce creasing as much as possible.

I am going to do separate posts about the beauty products I’ll be taking with me, but I recently bought these new toiletry bags from Tesco, all 3 for £5 – bargain!

I only bought it really for the smallest one to be my carry on clear bag (it fits in with airline regulations) but the other two are perfect for my make-up and toiletries.

Another cute little bag is this one from Primark.

There was no necessary reason to purchase this as your bikinis are obviously ok to just place in your suitcase, but who can resist a cute little bag for your bikinis?!

For my Jewellery, I put it all in a random bag but a tip I learnt through YouTube is to hook each necklace you take through a straw. It stops any tangling so you don’t have to start undoing loads of knots when you want to wear a necklace. You can make the straws shorter/longer depending on the size of the chain.

Do you have any great packing tips? Share away!
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