Thursday, 3 April 2014

My 21st Birthday

Hi everyone,

Firstly I know there has been a lot of lifestyle posts in the past two weeks but I've just had stuff I wanted to say. If that's not really your cup of tea, there is a lot of beauty posts coming up so stay tuned!
Secondly, if you're coming from me advertising on Cosmetic Crave, then welcome to my blog!

On Sunday 30th March it was my birthday, but as you can see from the title of this post it wasn't just any birthday, it was my 21st! It's strange that turning 21 is still such a big thing as we don't 'get the key of the door' any more, but I'm not one to ruin the party so the bigger the birthday the better!
I thought I'd just show you some pics from my weekend and some of the amazing gifts I got :)

On the Saturday night before my birthday, I had my birthday party. It started at my house with a bartender coming for pre-drinks and then we headed on into town to bring in my birthday.

Opening the present from my best can see what it is later!

It was such a fun night but boy did I feel it on Sunday! The clump of photos from the club just sum up how me and all my friends felt on Sunday morning, if only you could see them ;)

In terms of presents, I was absolutely spoilt rotten.
The biggest one from my parents (aside from the party) I already knew about as it was booked a while ago, but on the 2nd July I'm off to New York!!!

I'm going with a friend from uni and I'm now counting down the days. I've already planned that July is going to my America month on my blog, so stay tuned....or follow me.
My sister's also got me a Macy's vouchers to treat myself to something whilst I'm there. I already know what I'm planning on treating myself too, so again - stay tuned!

From my best friends (who again spoilt me rotten) I got a Michael Kors purse! I was in shock when I opened it and they picked the perfect colour. They also got me a little box (in the shape of a present) of m&m's, which I'm munching on as I type this.

I got lovely gifts from all the rest of my friends too including body products, make up (of course) and shopping vouchers!

This smells so good!
Urban Decay Shattered Face Case
Eyeshadow Shades L-R: Shakedown, Remix, Nameless, Minor Sin, Bleach
L-R: Overexposed, Temper, Glint (Highlighter)
I had the best weekend over but it was over way too fast! 
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