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Review: Blanx White Shock Intensive Whitening Treatment

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I've got a review for you today on the Blanx White Shock Intensive Whitening Treatment*. 
This product is as you can tell by the name a teeth whitening treatment, however it comes with the Blanx LED bite which is essentially a gum shield that activates the whitening part of the treatment.

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The box comes with toothpaste and the LED Bite (RRP £14.99 for 30ml). The toothpaste is suitable for daily use as it doesn't contain any peroxides or chemical agents which would cause damage to tooth enamel. 
It's also suitable for an intensive treatment once a week, where you apply the paste directly onto the teeth. 
It has lovely minty taste, and that's saying something coming from me as I'm really picky with the taste of toothpaste. Not only that, but it left my teeth feeling really clean and passed my tongue swipe test...we all do it don't we?
It's recommended in instructions to use the toothpaste 3 times a day which I didn't do that as it's hard to brush my teeth during the day at work, but I don't think it made a massive difference.

Once you've brushed your teeth, you place the gum shield in your mouth, activate the light by pressing the button and leave it in for a minute (10 if you're doing an intensive treatment).
The shield is really comfortable in your mouth as it fits right in-between your lips. 

The toothpaste contains an ingredient called ActiluX (the only toothpaste in the world to do so) which is activated by the LED light. The more light the ActiluX receives, the more intense the whitening action. 

The box comes with a BlanXometer where you can compare how much brighter your teeth got. I would definitely saying after giving this a two week trial, my teeth have gone at least 2 shades whiter which is amazing. I'm quite lucky with the natural whiteness of my teeth anyway as I don't drink tea/coffee or smoke, so my teeth aren't that yellow. 

The only issue I had with this product was to do more with me than the product I think, but I thought I would mention it incase anyone else is the same. I've generally got good dental health, I've never had a filling and the dentist always says everything looks great when I go, however I do tend to have a build up of plaque if I don't brush properly. A few months ago the build up got to a point where my gums would bleed every time I brushed my teeth. Not only that, my gums would bleed at random moments...I'd eat a sandwich and there would be blood around my bite marks in the bread, gross I know!
I've managed to get into a great dental care routine which has completely stopped the bleeding of my gums, but whilst using this toothpaste they've started bleeding again. Not badly but enough to ruin the work I've put in to stop it. 
I do think that it's more my gums than the product as all the other reviews I've read of this treatment, no one has said anything similar but I just wanted to throw it out there. 

Overall, I'm really impressed with how great this product was and how much whiter my teeth have become in such a short period of time. I'm definitely going to continue using it more as an intensive treatment once a week rather than daily so I can get my gums to stop bleeding again. 

Have you ever tried this before?
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*PR Sample

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