Thursday, 20 March 2014

My weightloss journey/Review: Bootea Teatox

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Another lifestyle post today and it's all about Bootea, the teatox for weight loss.
I heard about this tea through twitter as I follow countless exercise motivation/healthy lifestyle accounts on twitter and one of them tweeted about this tea. After looking through their twitter account a bit more and seeing the before and after photos other people had posted I decided to give it ago myself.

I think this post needs a bit of a background with my weight. I'm not overweight, nor have I ever been but like almost every girl I've never been fully happy with my body. I don't weigh myself, the only times I've been weighed in the past few years is at the hospital so I 100% go by how I look and feel.
I used to a lot slimmer until I started sixth form where free periods entailed sitting around with friends and eating absolute junk and I noticed myself getting bigger.

When I started uni in September 2011, I was the unhappiest I'd been with my body.

It was after Christmas of first year when I decided to change. I stopped buying junk food and joined a gym going 3 times a week, with a mixture of weights and cardio. I quickly noticed feeling a lot better in myself as well as my clothes fitting me better.
This photo was taken 4 months after the one above.
The double chin is a family trait so I anything I can do to keep it at bay is a bonus!!
Since then, I've always fluctuated but I've never gone back to my first size. I'm always concious to eat healthy, but don't get me wrong I love junk food as much as the next person so I would never cut it out completely. However, I've now upped my exercise to 4/5 times a week, with a mixture of classes such as spin and bums & tums, weights and cardio. I feel so much better in myself than I did when I started uni 3 years ago, and it has definitely been a lifestyle change not just a quick solution. 

I'm going on holiday in 3 weeks so right now a bikini body is totally on the mind, so I thought why not try the tea...what's to lose?
A 14 day teatox comes with 14 daytime teas and 7 night time teas.

The teas contain all natural ingredients and come as loose leafs in a teabag. They taste like green tea (which I only started liking recently). 
A little warning however, the night time tea contains ingredients which can induce a laxative effect so they recommend to start drinking it at the weekend so you know how your body will react at home rather than whilst being out. Luckily, it never caused any problems for me.

Before starting the tea, I had been so busy with life in general that I'd been slacking at the gym so I lost the toning I'd worked hard to achieve. 
As you can see though, by the tea alone my stomach is definitely flatter.
The only annoying this about it is whilst I was drinking the tea, I got viral meningitis which meant I was more or less knocked out for the whole time I was doing the teatox. For the two weeks I was drinking the teas, I only went to the gym once so I think if I hadn't got ill my results could have been so much better.

Either way the tea has kick started my weight loss again and until I go away, I'm hitting the gym extra hard!

If you want any other posts on my journey, such as a food diary or my motivation pics/quotes, let me know!
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