Friday, 14 February 2014

Who needs a valentine?

Hi Guys,

I recently found out about a website called Grabble where you can create wishlists and looks from different online shops in one place. The best thing about it is they notify you when your 'grabbed' items are on sale so now there is no need to be checking all the time!

Valentine's day has recently passed which is a very happy day when you're in a relationship but for us single gal's it's the chance to by yourself some chocolate (not that we don't do it anyway) and relax. I did nothing this year except for eat some alot of maltesers and catch up with the Kardashian's and Grey's Anatomy - bliss.
However, I wish I had the energy to go on a girl's night and dance the night away. So instead, I put together a look that is perfect for a girly night out to celebrate being single.

I am loving a-line skirts at the moment and since pastels seem to be appearing everywhere this skirt is perfect for a girls night out. I think the shirt would match really nicely especially with the petal collar.

Top: Asos £25
Skirt: Asos £25
With the weather just being mental recently there is definitely no way you can go out without a coat and I love this one, again another girly addition to the outfit. The pink parts of the coat also go with the 'pink valentine' theme.

Coat: £80
For the shoes, I've been loving the heeled sandals and the white ones aren't too overpowering for the look. The slightly larger heel would hopefully make these shoes more comfortable to dance the night away in. 
Shoes: Asos £40
Accessories often make an outfit but I didn't want to go to overboard. 

Ring: Asos £6
Earrings: Asos (Warehouse) £8
Watch: Asos (Michael Kors) £185
Bag: Asos £25
I've gone with a rose/gold theme for the jewellery as I think they compliment the pink skirt nicely. The hardware on the bag also goes with the theme. 

For the final touch, a smidge of pink lipstick.

Lipstick: Asos (Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick - Pastel Preppy in Rose Coquette) £7.99

And voila, girls night is ready to go. Now, where's that dancefloor?

Thanks for reading


  1. I love your blog

  2. I love the skirt and bag <3


    1. yeah the skirt has definitely been added to my list for purchase on payday!