Sunday, 9 February 2014

Blush Comparison

Hi Guys,

I've got a sort of dupe post today between two blushers. They aren't exactly identical but they are very similar and in the same colour range.

Both blushes are berry shades with a very slight shimmer.
The Nars blush is in Outlaw and the Sleek Blush is in Pomegranate.

Top: Sleek
Bottom: Nars

As you can see, they aren't identical but their finish is the same. They are both beautiful colours and look absolutely amazing on.
The only difference is the price. Nars blushes cost £21.50 but I bought mine for £16.50 as I had £5 off on my Space NK card. Sleek blushes are only £4.49 so they are so much more affordable. As they are so similar, if you do like this colour I recommend the Sleek one as you may as well save your self some money! However, I do love having the Nars blush as my special high end blush treat.

Do you have any good blush dupes?
Thanks for reading

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