Sunday, 5 January 2014

Collective Haul ft Zara, Kiko, Maybelline & Clarins

Hi Guys,

I have a haul that is a mixture of things from my holiday, spending some boots points and general shopping.

On my first day in Spain in a shopping centre, my sister and I were talking to my dad outside a shop when they next thing both of us spotted a Kiko store at the same time and ran off (leaving dad very confused). The poor man then had to stand there for quite a while whilst myself, my mum and my 2 sisters filled up a basket and left him to pay! So I didn't buy this stuff myself, it was a lovely present from my parents.

The first thing I picked up is the Kiss Balm in 06 Blackberry. The Kiss Balms are just like the Revlon Lip Butters in formula - smooth, buttery lip balms. Blackberry is a beautiful berry colour that's gorgeously pigmented. A great thing about these kiss balms is that they have SPF 15 in so they are protecting your lips at the same time. The packaging is great as it's sleek and small.

From Kiko, I also picked up an empty 3 pan palette and filled it with 3 eyeshadows.

The best thing about the palette, compared to my MAC palette is that there is a little dent to remove the shadows if you want too. I find it very difficult to take out my pans in the MAC palettes and always seem to leave a fingernail dent in the corner of my shadow.

L-R: 218, 240, 243
Unfortunately, 218 is hard to pick up on camera, but as you can see of the other two they are really pigmented eyeshadows. However, I do wish they had cute names, who isn't a sucker for make up names?!

My final item from Spain is a Zara bag, which once I'd seen it I couldn't let it go. My amazing parents once again paid for some of it, whilst I also put money into it.
I didn't take a photo with it with my camera as I couldn't find the right light to justify it's beauty but I did upload a picture onto Instagram the day I bought it.

 It's black with a grey flap lid and has a long gold chain as it's handle. Its small but still relatively large inside to hold what I need. It won't be my everyday handbag as I feel as if it would get ruined but for special occasions and nice days out, this will definitely make an appearance.

Maybelline was buy one get one half price so I picked up the BrowDrama in Medium Brow as I've wanted to try it since it's come out and I was in the need for a new brow mascara. The new range of Brocades Colour Show polishes caught my eye and I ended up with Knitted Gold, which is a gold glitter with small pink sparkles in.

I also had a rather large amounts of boots points on my card so I treated myself to a Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in 01. Ever since bloggers started talking about these I've wanted one but just couldn't justify paying £17 on a student budget. Thanks to my boots points it a guilt free purchase! 

 Have you bought anything nice recently?
Thanks for reading

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