Sunday, 19 January 2014

Brushes Galore

Hi Guys,

Every year I wait for Black Friday as Sigma have free international delivery, and every year I take advantage of it! As the brushes are coming from America they only arrived just after Christmas and I've been loving them ever since.

My first brush is the F40 - Large Angled Contour Brush for the simple reason that my other brush like this (not sigma) is held together by cellotape so I thought it was time to treat myself to a new one! I love this brush to apply blush perfectly to the apples of my cheek.

My second brush is the E35 - Tapered Blending Brush. I have already owned this brush but I broke it somehow as when you use it the bristles push back into the handle!? How I managed to do that is beyond me!

As my purchase was over $30 I received a free gift which was the E25 - Blending Brush. It's so cute and small and another perfect brush to apply shadow to the crease.

As if 3 new brushes weren't enough, on a pop in to boots to pick up a present for someone I'd ordered online (can you ever just walk out with one thing?!) I ended up buying the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. Recently on YouTube, I've seen a lot of people using this in tutorials and it applies foundation or tinted moisturiser so well on them that I wanted to give it a try. I absolutely love Real Technique brushes so this a perfect new addition to the family!

Which are your favourite brushes?
Thanks for reading

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  1. I got loads of brushes in the black friday sale too! Love them! xx