Sunday, 8 September 2013

Roaccutane Diary: September 2013

Hi Guys,

I'm on the homeward bound of coming off roaccutane after being on it for 9 months (which has flown by).
In my last roaccutane diary (which you can read here), I said I'd been cut down from 60mg to 40mg in preparation for coming off completely wooo!

Week 32
I've only been down a dose for a week and already I can feel moisture coming back to my skin! Although I'm still applying lip balm more than the average person, I'm definitely not putting it on as much anymore. When I spent the day this week with two of my friends, even they noticed I was applying it less often! My skin has had no breakouts, and the dry patches I've been struggling with recently have started to fade!

Week 33
This week has been just the same as the last! The amount of time I can go without my lip balm is slowly increasing - I went to Go Ape (which I highly recommend) and was up in the trees for 2 and a half hours without one application of lip balm!!

Week 34
Once again, this week has been exactly the same, so there isn't much to comment on! I also didn't take a picture as my skin was exactly the same as week 33.

Week 35
I'm now on my final month of Roaccutane and have been cut down to 20mg! I started the course of tablets on 30mg so this is the lowest strength of been on yet and I'm hoping i'll be able to feel that on my lips! The dryness I've been suffering (apart from on my lips) has completely gone and I haven't had a spot in a while!

Stay tuned for the next instalment of my Roaccutane Diary
Thanks for reading

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