Thursday, 15 August 2013

Victoria's Secret Comes to the North!

Hi Guys,

Last Thursday (8th August), the first Victoria's Secret in the North of England opened at the Trafford Centre in Manchester. I made it an obligation to go on the Friday when I'd finished work, and of course picked up a couple of things!

I bought a sports bra from Victoria's Secret PINK as I needed a new one anyway and this one fit perfectly, and looked pretty at the same time.

However, the part I was looking most forward to seeing was the fragrance section. I must have ended up walking away from that section with at least 20 sprayed cards as I was deciding which scent I liked the best.

The prices of the fragrances/body products were so much better than I expected! I knew the shop in general would be expensive, but the beauty products were reasonable. There were different deals to be able to buy them in.

  1. Buy each item individually which is around £11 an item
  2. 3 items for £24
  3. 5 items for £30
  4. A gift bag, with 3 mini items for £20

I decided to go for the gift bag, as I have a lot of body sprays and lotions on the go so I didn't need full sizes, plus the cosmetic bag is really cute.

The products as they come in the bag (How cute is it?!)

The products themselves

Love Spell itself smells like Cherry Blossom & Peach (as it says on the bottle) and it really does smell beautiful! It's girly and fresh and I love it!

I'm really happy with my purchases from Victoria's Secret.
Do you love anything from there?
Thanks for reading

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