Monday, 12 August 2013

Roaccutane Diary: August 2013

Hi Guys,

I can't believe this is the 9th instalment of my Roaccutane Diary!

Week 28
This week, once again, is exactly the same as it has been for the past 2 months! I'm still carrying around lip balm as my lips are still dry and cracking.

Week 29
I've been a bit gutted this week that I got a spot, and not just a little spot, a huge white head whopper right in the corner of my mouth which was really painful.
By the time the picture was taken it had gone but it's been really hard to deal with.

Week 30
Luckily, I've had no new spots this week. If you follow this series you'll know I've had really dry skin on my arms and hands. Well know it's decided to start on my face! Throughout the day, the skin starts to get really flaky around my mouth. At least with my arms I could hide it, but this is really embarrassing as it makes me look unclean! Due to the sensitivity of my skin, I'm not even allowed to be using exfoliators but I'm having to use one once a week around my mouth. The red spot on my forehead is a result of peeling dry skin.

Week 31
I've just come back from the hospital and I'm nearing the end of my treatment! I've just been reduced from 60mg to 40mg! This week has been the same as last week however, the flakiness isn't happening as much around my mouth now, it's just moving to other parts of my face! As you can see in the picture, I have a lovely red peeling mark on my cheek. My lips have been particularly dry this week and I'm unsure why but as usual my Blistex is coming to my rescue. The dry skin has also slightly flared up on a patch of my right arm, but I can already see it going down as I've been overloading it with my medicated body lotion.

Thanks for reading


  1. Hi There,

    I am currently on Roaccutane also (though only 40g)and I would like to find out just how often you are having to put some sort of lip balm on? I think my lips have been super dry and peely since the 1st week of taking Roaccutane and I don't seem to be able to win the battle with them. God knows how much skin I have lost off my lips! (A website said to reapply every two hours... I don't think my lips last 20mins without feeling like they need more put on!)

    Also, I have got really dry peely skin on my face as well and I have been getting it from 5 weeks onwards. I'm surprised you didn't get it sooner with your higher dose.

    Anyway, thanks for doing a blog about it! Your lips never look as awful as mine in the pics you post so you seem to be doing something right :) Mine are really getting me down :( They look so awful and can hurt too. I hope I don't have to stay on Roaccutane for as long as some websites & dermatologists say. No one will ever hire me looking the way I do with cracked lips and dry skin. Fingers crossed it gets better! Cheers! :)

    1. Hi,
      When I was on 60mg I was putting lip balm on probably every 20 minutes! I wouldn't listen to websites advice on it as everyone will have different side effects. I'm lucky that my lips have never been awful, just uncomfortable but I've had friends who have been on Roaccutane and their lips have been so much worse. Just do what feels right on your skin!
      Hope it gets better for you! I'm starting to come off the medication now but I'm so happy with my skin all the dryness is 100% worth it!!