Friday, 31 May 2013

May favourites 2013

Hi guys!
I'm back in the blogging swing now and at a good time to talk about my monthly favourites.
They've started to turn summery now as we had nice weather for a little while - the weather in the UK makes no sense! (PS my camera has broken so I'm using my iphone for the time being)

My first item is the Garnier moisturising lotion gradual tan. I used this constantly last summer and cracked out the bottle once more as I've been wearing less layers! I absolutely love the smell of this product but it may not be to everyone's taste! 

I've got a new combination for my make up removal. I start with the Boots Botanics soothing eye make up remover which is an oil and water product you mix together before use. This is an amazing eye make up remover and takes of waterproof mascara without a fight! I then move onto my Bioderma (I have the sebium h2o for oily skin) which is such a gentle make up remover as it's water! 

My scent of choice lately is The Body Shop coconut body mist. I absolutely love the smell of coconut so I love catching a whiff of myself when I'm out and about! 

For my make up items, I've not been wearing a lot of face make up recently so have been wearing the Natural Collection tinted moisturiser in Beige with a little bit of Maybelline dream lumitouch concealer under my eye. This has been giving me a natural base when the weather has been nicer! 
For my blush I've once again cracked out an oldie but a goodie - my Natural Collection blush in Peach Melba. This is a cult classic in the beauty industry but it always seems to end up at the back of my collection, so when I get it back out I always think 'why did I stop using it?'

My final item is the Nivea lip butter in vanilla and macadamia which I spoke about in my April favourites so I won't go on but I'm still loving it!

What we're your favourite items this month? 
Thanks for reading 

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