Sunday, 14 April 2013

April Fashion Haul

I've never done a fashion haul on the blog before but I thought, why not?
Even though the weather has been rubbish in the UK, it hasn't stopped me buying spring clothes in the hope it will be nice and warm!

I love this shirt! It's so lightweight and for me, with the florals, completely screams summer!

This dress is so girly and will be so easy to just throw on a sunny day (if there ever is one!)

I love this necklace and can't wait to wear it with plainer outfits to make them something more!

I think this dress is so flattering, and I've already received compliments on it when I've worn it!

The colour of this top is so beautiful, and I love how the whole back is lace!

New Look

I've wanted a pair of high waisted striped shorts for ages so I'm so happy I've finally got them!
PS: The picture was taken wearing the shorts on a night out, that's why the background is different.

What's your favourite fashion trend for S/S?
Thanks for reading
Liora xx

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