Friday, 5 April 2013

20th Birthday

Hi Guys,
This is a bit of a random post, bought I thought it would be nice!
I've just turned 20 so here's a little post about my birthday/celebrations.

I had a party at uni before we broke up, shared with one of my friends as she's born a week after me! It was a really fun night (from what I can remember...) but here are some pictures from pre-drinks.

My actual birthday was on Saturday 30th March and I spend the day with my family then all my friends came round in the evening to just relax as we hadn't all been together yet since coming home from uni!

I got some lovely presents including...
The candle seems like an odd scent to receive, but I have an odd love for the smell of talcum powder!
The penguin gifts were from one of my best friends who knows my obsession with penguins, the car sticker is now proudly stuck on my car!

One of the best things I got was from my group of friends. We have a thing in our friendship group to make DVD's for people's birthday. I always seem to be involved with making them but never received one and this year it was my turn! It's so funny and lovely and I keep watching it over and over again.

So there is a little snippet of my day!
No longer a teenager, where did the time go?!
Thanks for reading
Liora xx

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