Saturday, 16 March 2013

My Lip Saviours

As you will know if you a follower of my blog, I am currently on a medication called Roaccutane which is an extremely strong medication for acne. You can read my first two Roaccutane diaries here and here.
One of the common side-effects to this medication is dry and flaky lips, so this post is about my lip saviours to keep my lips as smooth as possible.

When I am getting ready in the morning I apply the Blistex Intensive Moisturiser which is my absolute holy grail lip balm, I always have one on me!

Then, through out the day, the Nivea Hydro Care and Rituals nourishing lip balms, live in the pocket of my leather jacket (which I wear pretty much every day). When I feel I need to apply something on my lips, I pop on which ever lip balm gets brought out of the pocket.

When my lips feel really dry throughout the day I'll apply the Blistex again, and when I'm at home my Blistex gets carried around with me more than my phone!

In the evening before I brush my teeth, I apply the bubblegum lip scrub which smells divine, and scrub off any flakes that may be on my lips. I then apply the La Roche Posay Cicaplast as my night time lip balm (I have them in little sachets as I got free samples from a dermatologist).

These lip balms altogether, have helped keep my lips in the best condition they can be giving the circumstances. Although, I do still have very dry lips, I can keep the majority of the flakes away so they don't look that bad!

Thanks for reading
Do you have any holy grail lip balms?
Liora xx


  1. I really want that Lush lip scrub! I have one from Fresh and it's really good. You should try the Nivea lip butters at the drugstore! Good luck with your skin!! xo

    1. It's definitely worth trying it, I love it!
      Thank you xx